Who can use SMS?

Who can use SMS?

This type of SMS service is ideal for OTP, Transactions, advertising and marketing. It is Widely used by,
  1. Advertising & Marketing Agencies
  2. Retailers
  3. Suppliers
  4. B2B businesses
  5. Banks & Financial institutions
  6. Travel companies
  7. Service Providers
  8. IT & Communication Services
  9. Educational Institutes
or any type of business/organization that wants to create a customer list to reach and inform them on a regular basis. This will help each of them in earning customers’ loyalty. In the same time, SMS Bulk messaging service provides its users' capability to communicate rapidly with large numbers of people, so it can be used ‘externally’ (Sharing Transactions, marketing campaigns, informing clients of deals and promotions, competitions, etc.) or ‘internally’ (within the company, to send notifications to employees).
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