What are rules for template formatting ?

What are rules for template formatting ?

Text-based exclusively, including letters, figures, and special characters, emoticons, and WhatsApp-specific formatting (see formatting table below)
There can't be more than 1024 characters.

Template Name

The name of a WhatsApp message template can only contain lowercase alphanumeric letters and underscores.

Example: Health_Reminder, Payment_followup1.

WhatsApp urges companies to use descriptive names for their templates rather than arbitrary ones like "Health 2022" to speed up the approval process. This will make it simpler for the person reviewing your message as well as for you to handle among a sea of other templates.

Template Content

The content of your template must likewise be precisely prepared,Your HSM template:

It must be text-based and contain just letters, numbers, and special characters, as well as emojis and WhatsApp.

-specific formatting (see formatting table below)

There can be no more than 1024 characters.

There can't be any newlines, tabs, or more than four consecutive spaces.

Template translations.

WhatsApp does not provide translation services, despite the fact that you may send template messages in many languages.
As a result, if you want to address your audience in a different language, you must submit your translation of the template.

Naturally, translations must adhere to the same guidelines as the original template.
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